Understanding the Development of Educational Materials


Three Reasons Why A Trade School Is Better Than A Four-Year College

So, you want to be an electrician. Trying to decide between going to a four-year college to get a degree in electrical work or going to a trade school is not much of a decision at all. An electrician trade school is the better option, hands down. Here are some reasons why. Finish Your Degree in Less Time You can finish your training and education at a trade school in

Why Teachers Should Not Worry About Classroom Observation

When you are a teacher, you feel like your classroom is your domain and that it is the one place where you are in charge and in control of your environment. As such, it can feel scary when an administrator, parent, or another school official wants to do a classroom walkthrough or classroom observation. Before you panic about an upcoming classroom observation, get to k

Tips For Choosing Your Child's Preschool

Providing your child with the most productive and enjoyable educational experience possible can be important for helping to instill a love of learning. Unfortunately, there are many new parents that may overlook the importance of preschool or fail to appreciate the various factors that they should consider before choosing a preschool program for their child. Appreciat

Worried About Your Child's Education: 4 Reasons Why School Choice Is So Important

During the last elections, school choice became a hot-button topic; and rightly so. Parents are tired of having educational opportunities determined by arbitrary boundaries. School choice encourages growth and discourages stagnation in the public school system. If you're not sure why schools of choice are so important, here are four reasons for you to consider. Puts C

Making The Most Out Of Your Child's Parent-Teacher Conference

Most teachers try to meet with all parents to discuss their children's progress at least once or twice a year. It's important to make time for these meetings whether your child is a stellar student or struggles a bit with school. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can help you make the most of your conference time so you can work together with your child's teac