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Worried About Your Child's Education: 4 Reasons Why School Choice Is So Important

During the last elections, school choice became a hot-button topic; and rightly so. Parents are tired of having educational opportunities determined by arbitrary boundaries. School choice encourages growth and discourages stagnation in the public school system. If you're not sure why schools of choice are so important, here are four reasons for you to consider.

Puts Control Back in the Parents Hands

If you have children, you want what's best for them. That includes the schools they attend. Unfortunately, without school choice, your children are locked into specific schools based on arbitrary lines drawn up within school districts. Sadly, those arbitrary lines could force your child to attend a failing school. However, school choice puts control back into the parents' hands, which means you can choose which school your child will attend, regardless of the arbitrary boundary lines.

Gives Children Tools for Success

When schools don't offer choices, children suffer. Without school choice, children aren't given all the tools they need to succeed. For your child to have the opportunity to utilize essential tools, you need to have the option of school choice. Through school choice, you can enroll your child in schools that offer programs best suit their needs and interests, including schools that focus on specific areas of study such as the arts or sciences. With school choice, your child will be given all the tools they'll need for a successful education.

Requires Schools to Remain Competitive

One of the problems with enrollment based on boundary lines is that it removes the need for schools to remain competitive. Enrollment is mandatory, which means they can continue with the same system that has failed before and will continue to fail. Not only that, but teachers are forced to teach from the curriculum that's placed before them, which prevents them from utilizing educational materials that could broaden their student's horizons. However, school choice requires schools to remain competitive and allows teachers the ability to go beyond the regimented curriculum. When that happens, all children win.

Encourages Innovation

One of the things that school choice encourages is innovation. Through innovation, new educational concepts can be designed and implemented. Choice encourages new ways of thinking and looking at things. It also encourages children to explore new educational avenues that they might not have been given the opportunity for without school choice.

When it comes to education, the best way to ensure that your child has every opportunity to succeed is to insist on school choice.