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Three Reasons Why A Trade School Is Better Than A Four-Year College

So, you want to be an electrician. Trying to decide between going to a four-year college to get a degree in electrical work or going to a trade school is not much of a decision at all. An electrician trade school is the better option, hands down. Here are some reasons why.

Finish Your Degree in Less Time

You can finish your training and education at a trade school in less time than it takes trying to get the same degree and education from a four-year school. Most trade school students are done and out in two to three years, while traditional college students are still hard at work for another one to two years. While you are already out in the workforce as an electrician and gaining solid work experience, the rest are way behind.

Owe Less Money for Your Education

Trade schools charge far less in tuition than state or public schools. That is already a plus, but when you add to it the fact that you borrow less to go to school for fewer years, you will save thousands on your education. As an electrician earning good pay, you may even have a large chunk of your student loans paid off before the four-year graduates enter the workforce.

More Hands-on Training Than Traditional Colleges

Trade schools make sure that their students get lots of hands-on experience. You are forced to examine all kinds of outlets, wiring, cables, etc., and learn how to work with these materials. There is some textbook work too, but the balance between hands-on and textbook learning tilts more in the direction of direct experience for better mastery of the subjects. Since most electricians are the types of people who learn better by doing, this is a better option for you.

Start School and Attend Anytime

Trade schools also do not mind when you go to class. There are many flexible class attendance options to make it easier for you to succeed. You also do not have to start right away in the fall, or skip the winter/spring semester because you did not start with everyone else in the fall. Trade schools let you jump into your classes anytime you want, do the assignments when you can, and finish ahead or behind everyone else (i.e., on your own time). Call a local trade school now and ask about the next enrollment period for electrician courses.